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City Controller Chris Brown outside city hall.

Image: Jamie Smith

What’s sexier than saving money? Houston Style Setter is hot today with Houston’s new City Controller, Chris Brown. Get the lowdown on where the movers and shakers power lunch downtown, where to get your hands on a fiscally sound suit, and the hottest accessory craze for the mathematically savvy since the pocket protector.

Houstonia: What spring trends are you making sure to incorporate into your wardrobe this year?

Brown: I'm a believer in classic style and great tailoring. I started my career in finance, where the suit color palette ranges from grey to blue to navy. And so two-button jackets, in those colors anchor the professional portion of my wardrobe. This spring and especially summer, I'll mix in vibrant colored ties and lighter, more breathable fabrics like S110 wool and linen. When I'm outside, I'll defend against Houston's bright sun with a pair of Ray-Ban aviators.

Where are your favorite places to shop for suits?

I'm a value- and cost-conscious shopper who wants the best style and quality at the best price. In Houston, that means Suit Supply. They have the best selection of suits, great fabrics, knowledgeable staff, and an in-house tailor.

Are there any top brands for pocket protectors these days or has the office of Controller picked up some cooler accessories since the '80s?

Fortunately, the pocket protector is no longer a requirement for Controllers, but you will see me wearing the official City Controller pin on all my suits and sport coats. And you'll more than likely catch me with my iPhone, which keeps me in direct contact with Houstonians through social media and my staff via emails.

Would you say your wife’s good taste rubbed off on you yet or is it the other way around?

My wife, Divya, definitely gets all the credit. I'm lucky that she is so style-conscious. She's one of the Houston Chronicle's Best Dressed and is a great style advisor to me. 

Where do the movers and shakers dine downtown for lunch?

You'll find many of the City's leaders lunching at Artista in the Hobby Center, as it's right next door to City Hall. You can't beat the view of Houston's skyline nor the food.

What is your favorite place to take your beautiful wife and daughter when you’re off the clock?

We love to visit the Houston's green spaces. We often walk to Fire Truck Park in Southside Place or we'll drive to Hermann Park.

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