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Dedon Is Bringing Dreamy Outdoor Furniture to Houston

The point of spending time outdoors might be to revel in the beauty of nature, but now your patio furniture can be just as pretty.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen May 24, 2016

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Dedon's new SWINGREST hanging loungers will be displayed prominently in the brand's forthcoming Houston showroom.

We all know why indoor-outdoor living is in such high demand, and it has nothing to do with a love of sitting on wicker. Lounging al fresco means unplugging from the stresses of daily life, rediscovering the languid pace of a late summer evening, appreciating the splendor of a good sunset and contemplating why it is that strawberries always seem to taste better when enjoyed outdoors. 

Image003 ag9dok

The new MBRACE lounger by DEDON.

But just because the patio is a fundamentally different living space that any other room in our homes doesn't mean we should ignore our design instincts when it comes to furnishing it. Enter German outdoor furniture brand DEDON, which has announced it will open its first showroom in Houston in late July at the Decorative Center Houston.

The line combines stunning European modern design with Dedon's signature high-performance synthetic fiber and traditional weaving techniques executed by skilled craftsmen in the Philippines.

Dedon is already available at high-end design destinations including Kuhl-Linscomb, but the forthcoming showroom will give Houstonians a chance to be inspired by the al fresco possibilities. The space will feature 12-foot green walls to divide up the open floorplan and ultra-high ceilings—the better to display Dedon's bestselling NESTREST, a hanging nesting pod, and the new resort-inspired SWINGREST, an open hanging platform.

So while the point of spending all that time outdoors might be to revel in the beauty of nature, now your patio furniture can be just as pretty.

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The new TIGMI sofa by DEDON.


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