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Pillow Talk: Restoration Hardware Collaborates with Local Designer

Rusty Arena's Venice-inspired velvet textiles are silk-screened and embossed by hand in Houston.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen September 23, 2016

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Artist-turned-textile designer Rusty Arena is about as prolific and creative a pattern-maker as you'll find. His collection of fabrics and wallpapers includes over 250 patterns and colorways ranging from abstract organics (behold this stunning textured ammonite print) to hand-drawn tribals.

Now Arena's lush stylings are available coast to coast at Restoration Hardware. The high-end design mecca has collaborated with Arena on a collection of pillow covers with patterns "inspired by the printed velvets of Venice, Italy." According to the Restoration Hardware listings (Arena declined to be interviewed for this article), he creates the stunning, almost aged-looking textiles by illustrating, silk-screening and embossing them by hand in his Houston studio.

The Restoration Hardware collection borrows only three of Arena's prints—a soft zebra stripe, an oversized damask and a tessellating circle pattern—and offers each in two colors and two shapes. the collection is priced from $219 to $249, not including the cost of inserts, and with discounts available for members.

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