Frankly we're not sure why it took so long to stage a major fashion event inside Silver Street Studios. The long, white space was the perfect backdrop for a proper catwalk during the inaugural Fashion X Houston three-night event.

Austin-based founder Matt Swinney encouraged the crowd to clap and cheer if they liked an outfit, and though it took a while to catch on, eventually the fashionistas in the front row loosened up and got vocal about which designs impressed and inspired them. The mix of capsule collections from emerging designers, polished pieces from big Houston names, avant garde stylings from around the country and celebrity showcases from Project Runway winners or finalists meant each evening offered a range of fresh fashion perspectives, not to mention a slew of shop-able accessories stands to check out in between collections. 

Among the standout moments: the East-meets-West drama and gorgeous silk gowns from Mysterious by NPN; the colorful, African-inspired prints of Chavon Shree; Daniel Esquival's stunning deerskin prints; life-size origami couture from Lucinda Loya's closet and the chic, be-tulled little girls in Bentley & Lace.

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