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I Tried It: Wearing A Dress Over Pants

Most women wear something sexy on a first date. Not me.

By Hala Daher October 19, 2016

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Most women wear something sexy on a first date. Not me. A first date is just an opportunity to really let my weird fashion side shine. He needs to know from the beginning that I'm not afraid to embrace my inner Rihanna. Most recently a first date was exposed to my latest experimentation with a questionable fashion choice: I wore a dress over pants. 

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I don't know where I got the idea to wear a a dress over pants. Maybe it's because my über-stylish Parisian aunt can pull it off. Or maybe I've seen one too many high fashion lookbooks or runway shows (by Givenchy, Dries van Noten and Maison Margiela, among others) touting the look. It's certainly progressive and not something I thought I could necessarily pull off. After all, I'm short and I'm curvy. That doesn't always lend itself to wearing multiple layers without looking silly. 

I studied some looks online and came to the conclusion the only way I can attempt this is if I kept everything sleek and simple.  Simple dress on top. Simple skinny trousers on the bottom. Simple heels on my feet. I ended up settling for a black midi-length camisole dress from Zara with a pair of skinny elastic-waist trousers I already owned from Theory.

The dress was sheer, so I paired it with a slim-fitting striped shirt underneath and finished the look with a pair of black ankle boots with a wooden heel.  I'm positive my date thought I looked strange, but this man-repeller wore the look with confidence. Here's to embracing our inner Rihanna and finding a Drake that can appreciate it. 

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