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6 Perfect Pet Gifts for Your Furry Best Friends

What kind of person doesn't include gifts for their cat or dog under the tree?

By Beth Levine December 14, 2016

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Casper dog beds start at $125

If you're anything like me, your pet is a member of your family and they deserve a present just like everyone else. So for this holiday season we decided to share a gift guide for the four-legged love of your life. (Sorry Zales, you got nothing for this one). While I am a cat person, it sure seems like most of my friends are dog people, so I turned to Facebook to poll everyone on some great gift ideas for man’s best friend, including suggestions from professional dog walker Liz Gorman-Jones of A Dog Day Afternoon (stalk her pooch-tastic Instagram feed here).

Casper Dog Mattress

At the top of the list is the Casper Dog Mattress (pictured above). Unless you have been living under a rock, you have seen Casper mattresses all over your social media feed promising you the best sleep, like, ever. And now they have a bed for your dog too! Starting at $125 (up to $225 for larger dogs), this is sure to make your dog happy when they find this under the tree. Heck, if you get me one I might take a nap on it. 

Barkbox rhuwi4

Yep, this is just like Birchbox but for dogs, sending (in their words) “a whole new world of joy” for your dog every month. Each box comes with a carefully curated theme (this month's is “Lodge Life”) loaded with four to six innovative toys and healthy treats. Subscriptions start based on the size of the dog and are broken out into one-month, six-month and 12-month options ranging from $20 to $29 per month.


Getting into shape is not just for people anymore thanks to PupFit. The company provides fitness for your furry best friend, offering half-day hikes, 30-minute bicycle rides, and 30-minute jogs to keep your pup fit and spending some quality time outdoors. Prices vary based on the excursion and the frequency—I'm just waiting for them to offer cat fitness, too.

You had me at bacon   miso handmade rabgvs

Catnip treats from Miso Handmade

Miso Handmade

I also hit up Leila Susanne Peraza, the owner of Space Montrose, as her store carries a number of pet-oriented gifts. She is a big fan of Miso Handmade. Founded by Trish Iriye and Aidan Robson, they make unique, 100-percent handmade toys for your beloved pets. And did I mention they have a whole cat section?! They even have bacon catnip toys—yes, catnip inside bacon for cats. Guys, can you make some of this for humans too?

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One Fast Cat exercise wheel, from $199

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

Speaking of cats, my cat is overweight, hence her nickname, Mrs. Fat. I want to take her walking like my dog-owning friends, but she is not really into the whole harness thing. While I can take her on walks (yes, I take my cat on walks), I have been dying to get her an indoor exercise wheel from One Fast Cat. Warning: these are not cheap (prices start at $199) but this is, after all, a wish list. They were first created for the founder's Bengal cat (they are notoriously known for needing exercise), and because obesity is a serious problem with cats. I have been coveting this company’s wheels since watching their first compilation video over a year ago—take one look and you might just fall in love as well.

Petcube Play

This last gift on the list is not for the faint of heart or the casual pet lover. I hate leaving Mrs. Fat— seriously, I might be obsessed with her. So thankfully the folks at Petcube have decided to indulge my crazy cat lady-in-training by inventing Petcube Play. This is the next-generation version of the original best-selling Petcube camera. Both come with two-way audio, an interactive laser you control from your phone, and auto play mode. Petcube Play’s camera has been upgraded from 780 to 1,080 pixels and includes nightvision (yup, night vision). Prices starts at $149 not including a service plan, but come on! I could be talking and playing with Mrs. Fat while writing this article, and that’s priceless.

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