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Cream Soda Blonde and Other Fall Hair Trends to Try Now

From tousled lobs to high contrast roots, now is the time to try something new.

By Beth Levine November 10, 2017

A change of seasons can also mean a change of hair. What was popular in the warmer months doesn’t always work for the fall and winter seasons, as sun-kissed blonde highlights are replaced by sandy beige and beach waves by more coiffed curls.

To help navigate the plethora of new hairstyles as we head into the holiday season, here’s our round-up of what trends are worth trying and a few worth skipping. 

Color Trends

Jet Black

You can never go wrong with basic black, right? Well, while that might be great for your wardrobe, be careful when it comes to your hair color. Not every skin tone can pull this color off, and once you go jet black, you have a long time to get used to it if you don't like it. Pro Tips: Consult your colorist and—believe it or not—it never hurts to try a wig first just to make sure you like the color next to your complexion.


Fall #haircut + color inspo ✂️🎨 Lovin' this cashmere texture + curtain fringe... and golden cream soda color x

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Cream Soda Blonde Hair

It seems like we keep coming up with different descriptors for everything and anything blonde every season. Last year it was just "bronde," then there was "golden" and "dark bronde," and now—to kick off fall—Gigi Hadid has made “cream soda” hair the next big thing for blondes. So what exactly is it? We aren’t the only ones trying to figure it out. After scouring everything online from Refinery 29 to Glamour to Allure, the best description we can find for cream soda blonde is a "combination of low light and highlighted tones, from the roots to the end with little to no contrasting shades." Say what? Personally we like this explanation from Hello Giggles. 

High Contrast Roots

This one is exactly like it sounds, as most of us achieve this look on our own when time marches on and our hair color fades. The trick to pulling off this look is looking like you did it on purpose—not that you are just in-between salon appointments. We consulted local colorist Allie Whyle of Fringe Salon and Color Bar for some tips on getting this trend right. 

"To pull this off, you need to look at a head of hair the same way you would look at a painting, making sure to place colors/lightness in just the right way, almost mythologically," Whyle says. "Anyone can pull off the high-contrast look, as long as it looks like the contrasting roots are intentional. If you aren’t ready to commit to this trend full on, a good balayage (like this one from Allie) is a great way to show of your color with gradual roots."

Cinnamon Chocolate

Coined by 901 Stylist Nikki Lee, this hue is a warm auburn on top of already-highlighted brown hair, made Instagram famous by one of Lee’s biggest clients, Sarah Hyland of Modern Family. If you do not already have darker hair, think carefully before attempting this, as the same hues and tints on lighter hair can lose the chocolate shade and can up looking, well, just cinnamon.

Style Trends

The Power Bob

Apparently this gets its namesake from being a popular cut worn by high powered (get it?) women in politics and business. The 2017 version is basically is a very structured, very intense blunt bob with some serious bang action.


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The Tousled Lob

Seriously, who comes up with these names, but this one was coined the most pinned hairstyle trend on Pinterest in August and is still going strong into the fall and winter seasons. Described as a longer, less blunt bob with lots of wave to it, this trend is touted on working with almost any face shape, complexion, and color.


Looking to the weekend like... 😄✨@SouthernLivingMag @DraperJames #SweetSummertime

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Long Locks & Angled Bangs

A modern, more no-fuss, no-muss take on the side swipe bangs once made famous by Veronica Lake, this look is easy and works well for those not willing to trade in their long locks for some of the season's shorter fads.

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