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Our 4 Favorite Socks for National Sock Day

Any day is a good day for new socks.

By Abby Ledoux December 4, 2017

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Clearly, girlfriend was expecting more than a basic black sock. Do better.

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Ah, socks–the much maligned holiday gift of our youth. After recently stumbling upon an online forum that posed a particularly philosophical query for the ages, I couldn't help but wonder: At what age does getting socks for Christmas become a good thing?

The answer, I suppose, depends entirely upon the socks in question. I further deduced that today, being National Sock Day, is as good a time as ever to consider the options.

So, kick up your (stockinged) feet and consider this carefully curated list of four potential pairs to gift–or to add to your own wish list if, like me, you're of that age now.

1. For the kid who believed in Santa just a little too long

Serving triple duty, these socks by Portland-based designer Sock It to Me are marketable to the Christmas fanatic, the kid-at-heart and the Journey fan alike.

Don t stop believing t0jo2u

Hold on to that (Christmas) feeling.

2. For the mindless snacker

Breaking news: Starting today, you and yours can now wear your favorite nacho cheese chip on your feet. These socks are strictly for the bold, but for the very reasonable price of $10, you'll be sure to wow anyone in the immediate vicinity each time you remove your shoes.

Doritos uac7zv

Are you more nacho cheese or cool ranch? You can now wear your allegiance to the most snackable chip on your feet.

3. For the Gretchen Wieners in all of us

We couldn't possibly be expected to pick just one offering from Living Royal's Mean Girls collection, so consider this a four-for-one deal. You can't not own a pair of these socks–like Mathletes, it's social suicide.

4. For the Kardashian aficionado

If you Keep Up™ even a little bit, you already know Rob Kardashian is the King of Socks. His sock line, Arthur George, is pretty much the only thing he has going for him at this point. And by ordering this pair, you're really killing two birds with one stone: keeping Rob afloat (honestly, he needs all the help he can get these days) and proving your Kardashian Kred: Only true fans will recognize these socks' origin story.

Gone girl socks rtiw8p

After brother Rob infamously compared her to fictional psychopath Amy from Gone Girl, Kim K proved she could take a joke by donning this pair of Arthur George socks.

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