How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the (Bath) Bomb

What's the appeal of stewing in hot water for fun once you've outgrown rubber ducks and plastic boats? Read on.

By Rebekah Kibodeaux February 1, 2018

One of my earliest television memories involves Carrie Bradshaw being drawn a bath by her boyfriend, Aidan, on Sex and the City in a not-so-risqué scene that I immediately felt embarrassed for seeing at age 12. Ever since, I’ve wondered what the point of a bath could possibly be once you outgrow rubber ducks and plastic boats. Why in the world would Carrie sit and stew in hot cleaning water for fun? There’s nothing to do except wash and try not to get bubbles in your hair, right?

The latest wave of the self-care revolution, though, has introduced all sorts of reasons to spend time boiling away in the tub, and it's responsible for converting even the most pro-shower of folks into bath bomb hoarders—this writer not excluded. If you, too, still struggle to grasp the appeal of this seemingly universal pleasure, consider the grown-up bath-time aids.

The Bombs

From Instagram boomerangs to home business gurus on Facebook, bath bombs are staining tubs everywhere. Most bath bombs are made of baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, Epsom salts, coloring, and a lovely mixture of essential oils to moisturize and scent your skin. When the craze mesmerized the masses with its 2016 resurgence, stories began to pop up online of misused bath bombs that were rubbed onto customer’s skin instead of steadily fizzed in hot bath water. When employed properly, bath bombs are a great addition to a relaxing bath–indeed, they're the first product to actually make a bath appealing to me after all of these years.

Lush, perhaps the most popular purveyor, boasts colorful, vegan bath bombs with all-natural ingredients, but you can find other versions in the beauty section of just about every store. Target carries Da Bomb Bath Fizzers, which were awesomely invented by a couple of genius teenage girls and include a toy surprise within every bath bomb.

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The Caddy

Now this is a game changer when it comes to learning to love bath time. Bath caddies like this expandable bamboo option ($39.99 on Amazon) allow the bather to bring all sorts of entertainment into her bubbly sanctuary, minimizing the possibly of wetting items she'd prefer not to wet. Perhaps you’d like to read a copy of Houstonia or watch an episode of The Mindy Project on the e-device of your choice, all the while enjoying a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc or a can of 8th Wonder’s Intellectuale. With a bath caddy, it’s all possible. The world is at your pruny fingertips.

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The Vibe

The whole point of this venture is taking time to unwind and pamper yourself to your heart’s content. You put out fires all day long, and drawing yourself a bath is the perfect way to clear your mind and prepare for whatever lies ahead. Treat yourself with a little mood lighting from your favorite candle, or try something new, like this girl power-fueled Mother of Dragons candle.

Is a proper shower the more efficient way to cleanse? Sure. But when it comes to spending some quality time with the one and only you, nothing can quite top a 30-minute soak in the tub.

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