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Kendra Scott Launched a Candle Collection, and We Approve

Celebs love the Austin designer's iconic jewelry, but we're here for her four new home fragrances.

By Abby Ledoux March 28, 2018

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Image: Abby Ledoux

Texas' favorite jewelry designer just expanded her brand into home decor with today's launch of the Kendra Scott Candle Collection. The Austin-based designer, known for her statement earrings and stackable jewelry beloved by celebrities like Blake Lively and Simone Biles, spent the last year developing four home fragrances that smell as good as their packaging looks (bathed in rich jewel tone color and a marbled stone design, the boxes are worth saving in their own right). Stars have signed off on the new candles, too: "They're so yummy!" actress Brooklyn Decker wrote on Instagram.

The soy wax blends burn for 30-60 hours in their glass vessels and are available in 3-ounce votive or 8-ounce tumbler sizes, ranging from $25–$65. The line is anchored by "Signature," made from crushed leaves, lily of the valley, and blonde woods to evoke the scent of "warm sunshine and eternal optimism," Scott says. Each candle comes with a delicate metal lid (that, after the candle is spent, can double as a pretty drink coaster), and with a distinct filigree design, Signature's is the prettiest.

Next is Malachite, a deep, sultry scent made with green ivy, frankincense, and warm amber that Scott suggests burning in the library or living room. Our favorite aroma, though, is a tie between Rose Quartz and Amethyst. The former is light and flirty, achieved with wild peony, rose petals, vanilla, and raspberry nectar—a sweet addition to a bubble bath. The latter is a blend of blackberry, lilac blossom, and sandalwood for balance and rejuvenation, currently on our bedroom nightstand.

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