No, it's not The Onion: First Lady Melania Trump really wore a jacket emblazoned with "I REALLY DON'T CARE. DO U?" on her way to the U.S.-Mexico border to meet the immigrant children separated from their parents and detained in a Texas shelter. She was photographed wearing the jacket, a $39 last-season Zara, as she boarded from Andrews Air Force Base, but had apparently taken it off upon landing in McAllen.

Is this a colossal "oops," an incredible troll by a politically motivated stylist, or a conscious "F U" to...the children? The masses who've condemned the Trump administration since heart-wrenching reports of the "zero tolerance policy" emerged? It's anyone's guess. Here's what spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham had to say:

Uh...sure, Stephanie, whatever you say. However, it's literally my job to focus on wardrobe, so here we are. The jacket—tone-deaf at best and callously cruel at worst—is actually kind of cute, if worn in literally any other situation. Everyone has a lot of questions, and good ones, but allow us to posit one more: It's the first official day of summer and you're going to Texas. Why are you wearing a jacket in the first place?

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