The official start date of the holiday season is hotly debated. Is it November 1, when stores work feverishly to replace half-off Halloween candy with festive displays seemingly overnight? Is it after Thanksgiving, when nonstop holiday music begins on certain radio stations? Is it December 1, when the Hallmark movies really get going? Is it December 13, when my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree?

New evidence suggests the real holiday commencement is actually November 21. Some will undoubtedly balk—"way too early," the haters will say—but it's the truth, as decreed by Beyoncé. Once again, she has dropped her official holiday capsule collection full of highly giftable merch for the Beehive, this year inspired by her iconic Beychella performance, neon colors, and one catchy portmanteau (Holidayoncé, duh).

Wrapping paper ($10), mugs ($20/each, $45/trio), and a pin set ($35) are full of imagery from the legendary HBCU-esque "Homecoming" Coachella set, like Nefertiti, a panther, and a (manicured) power fist. Unisex sweatsuits ($125) printed with a minimalistic "HOLIDAYONCÉ" a la Ivy Park make for maxing and relaxing in style, even with that extra five pounds courtesy of the buffet table. Plus, we finally have new colors to replace the dreadfully clashing red and green: black and neon chartreuse. Chic.

There's also a scarf ($40) to bundle up in, plus two tees (both $40) printed with a portrait of the queen if you're ISO a more overt nod to your place in the Beehive. Discounted bundles primarily feature OTR II merch and make for easy gifting. Sadly, this capsule does not include the punny ornaments we so loved from last year's run, but you can't have it all.

Everything is available now in Beyoncé's online store. There's no telling how long supplies will last, so if you like it then you should put a bow on it.

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