Burd Is the Word

This Colorful, Boho Pop-Up Wants to Be Your One-Stop Holiday Shop

Burdlife owner and jewelry designer Natasha Dadwani has curated a collection of local and international artisan goods at her three-month market, BURD + BURDIES, in River Oaks Shopping Center.

By Julia Davila November 6, 2018

BURD + BURDIES is the colorful, curated gift market in River Oaks Shopping Center through December 31.

The latest concept to pop up in River Oaks Shopping Center is BURD + BURDIES, a curated market with a modern, boho feel. The space opened on West Gray last month and will run through December 31 with the goal of offering gifts—with price tags ranging from $10 to $1,000—for everyone on your list.

"I want this store to be a one-stop-shop," says owner and founder Natasha Dadwani, so it follows that she's also offering gift-boxing, wrapping, and shipping.

Burdlife gold-plated floral earrings

Dadwani says the locally sourced and handmade artisan goods on offer in BURD + BURDIES all make thoughtful gifts. "There are so many different memories you can make in this store," she adds.

It's a diverse space, too, and one with an "international" feel, due in part to the fact that Dadwani herself is originally from Pakistan. She's also the owner of Burdlife, the jewelry company she launched in 2015; "burd" is Scottish slang for "young lady," and Dadwani says "Burdlife" represents every young lady and her own tiny box of jewelry.

Burdlife was based around Dadwani's statement earrings, accessories she's known for now—her oversized tassels and acrylic drops, though big and bold, are light as a feather. She wants everyone to connect with her jewelry, and she likens the right earrings to heels: "When you have the perfect heel, you can run the world," she says.

Dadwani wants her designs to add—not detract—from any outfit, and the quality goods she's curated in BURD+BURDIES are all meant to "complement the Burd," she says. Local vendors selling everything from colorful vegan handbags to one-of-a-kind kantha quilts include of myth + muse, Palm Leaf Hut, LH Candle Studio, Ceibo, SapanaTea Sip, Joon Haircare, Atelier Alienor, Heidi Houston, and The BOHO Stow

BURD + BURDIES founder Natasha Dadwani

Popping in to the boutique nestled between Epicure Café and RYDE will give you a sense of who "Burd" is: She represents all ages, cultures, and backgrounds, Dadwani says, and she exudes confidence. Dadwani chose the River Oaks Shopping Center spot for the neighborhood's community feel. "When I walked in, it felt right," she says.

At BURD + BURDIES, she also wants to remove any negative associations with retail experiences, like pushy sales pitches or uncomfortable situations. The layout of the boutique is ever-changing, but one thing is constant—this is an open space, bursting with color and charm, where your dollars will support artisans and crafters from Houston and beyond. New brands will be added to Dadwani's curated collection of gifts through closing day on New Year's Eve.

BURD + BURDIES is located at 2005-B W. Gray and is open Monday–Sunday, 10 a.m.–7 p.m.

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