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Houston Style Setter: Anya Lloyd

The multi-hyphenate fashion maven sounds off on inspiration and seasonal style advice.

By Gabrielle Nicole Pharms December 3, 2018

Image: Aaron Baxter

Anya Lloyd is a fashion guru in every sense of the term. She’s currently a regional visual manager, has owned a boutique of her own, and attended multiple New York Fashion Week shows, but all that only scratches the surface of what this stylish mastermind has accomplished. Lloyd gave Houstonia the lowdown on her background, career highlights, and muses. We’re nothing short of inspired.

How did you get started in visual merchandising?

I’ve always been into art and artists. I also love fashion. When I was a teenager, I was drawn to stores that had an artistic vibe, but at the same time they had clothing. For me, it was the perfect mesh or blend of the two. Without even knowing it, throughout the years I wanted to be the person who created those environments in retail stores.

You’ve owned a boutique in the past, and you’ve experienced NYFW. What do you appreciate most about your career path? What’s been a key highlight for you?

The people that I’ve met. I’m inspired by them. Learning every avenue of fashion and all around as far as merchandising [and] buying. A highlight has definitely been Fashion Week. I always say that I felt like I was on the set of The Devil Wears Prada. When I told them my name and my name was on their [guest list], I was like, ‘What?!’

We all know Houston can have all four seasons in a day. What style advice would you give a Newstonian this "winter"?

I would always have a sweater and ankle boots. I love ankle boots. You can wear ankle boots with anything, every day of the year—with shorts, jeans and leggings. With sweaters, you can layer. Like you said, Houston is very temperamental. If you’re wearing a blouse or a top, you can layer with a sweater. If it gets too warm inside or outside, just take off the sweater. It’s easy.

How would you describe your personal style?

Mainly because I do visuals, I tend to wear all black now. Very comfortable. Someone told me that I dress like a European painter.

Who or what are your current muses?

Jenna Lyons will always be my style muse. Museums are always inspiring, and people-watching. I love people-watching.

What are some stylish words of wisdom to live by? 

I don’t want to sound super cliché: If it makes you feel good, wear it no matter what it is. Even if you don’t think it’s trendy or you think it’s out of style—if it makes you feel good, you’re going to look good.

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