When it comes to Ugly Christmas Sweater parties, that ubiquitous holiday theme, there are two camps: the purists and the adapters.

The former make it their mission to find the tackiest, gaudiest, least appealing knitwear they possibly can. The latter, perhaps more concerned with getting a cute boomerang alongside their office friends, take a more liberal approach. Their chosen apparel is generally not ugly—in fact, it may not even be a sweater—but it's holiday-themed, and thereby good enough for us. Spirit of the law versus letter of the law.

It's also fun to shop for, so that's just what we did. If you're an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party traditionalist, we suggest hitting up any number of Houston's fantastic thrift shops flush with holiday monstrosities of years past. But if you're in the market for something a little less extreme, we've got you covered. You may earn the scorn of the purists, but you'll also get all the likes on that Christmas party Instagram, so...priorities.

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