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Eric Samuel Green Wants to Decode the Science of Style

The industry vet takes on fashionable decorating in his new book.

By Gabrielle Nicole Pharms January 30, 2019

How do I define my style? Eric Samuel Green has spent the last two decades helping others figure it out. Now, with the completion of his first book, the fashion industry vet—currently VP and executive creative director of Charming Charlie— is tackling a new arena: interiors.

Style Made Simple: 10 Tips to Decorating With Style was born after Green noticed people were often intimidated or overwhelmed by the concepts of style and design. About four years ago, he dove into consumer research and set out to demystify the idea of establishing an aesthetic, which he hopes to do with a series of five books.

"My goal is to decode the science of style as it relates to interior, fashion, travel, and entertaining," Green tells Houstonia. "Learning my personal taste and realizing there isn't a perfect design, really celebrating who I am, has allowed me to not be so intimidated by it."

Gravitating toward furnishings that make you happy is key, Green says. His book's 10 tips—from embracing area rugs to creating symmetry—can be applied to any aesthetic, from boho chic to minimalist. He presents them as ways to enhance your personal wellbeing: Your home, Green says, is a critical part of self-care.

"I believe everything starts at home—before you get dressed, it all starts in your home. It's one of the places in our lives that we don't pay much attention to," he says. "We need to really make our space, whether it's 200 square feet or 20,000 square feet, personal. We need it to be representative of who we are, and it needs to be an enjoyable space where you recharge, get inspired, and shelter yourself from the world."

Green, who's lived in five different cities around the globe, says his frequent sojourns impact his sense of style. "I'm most inspired when I'm out in the world—I love exploring new cultures, food, architecture, everyday style, language," he says. "I just love learning. For me, that's something I consistently take with me."

Green spent the longest tenure of his fashion career thus far at Burberry, where he helped the British design house expand its product line. "Being able to go into the archives and play on heritage and history, but also looking at how you can evolve it, was a really fun and great thing that I'll always cherish," Green says.

After three years with the brand, Green took a calculated risk to enter the more accessible mainstream fashion space. "I started feeling like there's so much more than luxury. The everyday woman can't afford it," he says. "I made a conscious decision from that point forward to challenge myself to work in different areas of the industry so I could be really well-rounded."

He lent his expertise to a catalog of brands from J. Crew to French Connection to Gap, which all helped him understand style "from a variety of different perspectives" and a broader customer base.

As he's straddled ambition and humility to become a go-to source in the fashion and design industry, higher ed has taken notice: In March, Green will be the featured speaker at the University of Houston's "Beyond the Big Idea" series, where he'll present on "21st century storytelling" through personal style.

"I love what I do," Green says. "I love exciting customers. I love bringing information to consumers in a way that's palatable, inclusive, and aspirational, but also inspirational, too. The book is just an extension of that."

Style Made Simple: 10 Tips to Decorating With Style is available for $15 on Amazon.

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