Since moving across the country, I've become something of a travel connoisseur. In fact, I'm writing these very words from JFK's Terminal 5. I've come a long way since my first-ever big trip more than a decade ago, when I checked not one but two bags for a 10-day vacation in Europe. Now, I expertly tuck weeks' worth of essentials into one compact carry-on, and, not unlike a jet-setting celebrity (albeit one who curiously only flies coach), I've even perfected a travel uniform of sorts—leggings, layers, slip-on shoes, and never earrings—throughout my sojourns.

Criss-cross the nation enough times and you, too, will be able to identify your favorite airline credit card, craft an in-flight cocktail, and recite the TSA's 3-1-1 rule on command. You'll also come to rely on a few handy-dandy travel accessories, from an easily identifiable luggage tag to the trusty neck pillow. Here, culled from experience, is a list to get you started. Happy trails.

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