Shopping is hard work, and if you’ve already braved the Galleria parking garages, you should be spared the food court. Good news: When hunger strikes, you don’t even have to leave the department store.

51fifteenSaks Fifth Avenue, second floor, past the Proenza Schouler

  • Chance Encounter: A pro athlete on a brunch date
  • On the Menu: Lavender martinis, tiramisu crêpes, full English breakfast
  • What to Wear: Your most expensive dress, a trendy felt hat
  • In-House Entertainment: Live piano, figuring out which pro athlete that is
  • Good For: Making a fancy first impression
  • Catches Your Eye on the Way Out: A Boston terrier in a Gucci sweater

Bazille | Nordstrom, Level 3, next to the home section

  • Chance Encounter: A mom and daughter breaking from graduation-dress shopping
  • On the Menu: Kung Pao Brussels sprouts, classic flatbread, juicy burgers
  • What to Wear: J. Crew and sensible shoes
  • In-House Entertainment: Women's basketball on the bar TV
  • Good For: When you don't feel like walking to the Cheesecake Factory
  • Catches Your Eye on the Way Out: Amazing Anthropologie candles

Mariposa | Neiman Marcus, third floor; enter through resort wear

  • Chance Encounter: The Real Housewives of River Oaks
  • On the Menu: Chicken salad, orange soufflé, sparkling lemonade
  • What to Wear: A Chanel blazer and your most brilliant diamond
  • In-House Entertainment: Juicy overheard gossip from last night's gala
  • Good For: Your 65th birthday lunch
  • Catches Your Eye on the Way Out: Lynn Wyatt
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