The 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots makes this year's Pride celebration—June 22 here—particularly historic. Of course, you'll want to dress the part, and finding the rainbow connection is not particularly difficult come June's onslaught of Pride collections at practically every retailer known to man. What can be difficult is sifting through the bevy of brightly colored options to find something that actually benefits a worthy cause and will stand up to ungodly amounts of sweat.

So, we did the heavy lifting for you to present 22 of our favorite rainbow pieces that 1) send at least a portion of proceeds to an LGTBQ-related nonprofit and 2) are somewhat Houston weather-appropriate. Whether you favor the flamboyant (a leotard with a billowing rainbow cape? Yes, please) or the subdued (a respectable yet still celebratory button-down), there's a way to show your stripes. Now go on with your bad self.

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