Money Can Buy You Love

The Post Oak's $20,000 Valentine's Day Experience Is Back

The bougiest date you'll ever have.

By Abby Ledoux January 17, 2020

Spend your way into their heart.

A night at the Post Oak is romantic enough on its own, so can you even imagine what $20,000 at the ultra-swank Uptown hotel will get you this Valentine's Day?

Well, you don't have to. The answer: the bougiest date you'll ever have. In fact, "date" is an understatement—this is a $20,000 experience.

The Post Oak first offered the over-the-top package—available only in February—last year, and now it's back again to the delight of big-spenders and Mr. Big-types everywhere. For 200 Franklins, you and your sweetheart get a one-night stay in the hotel's 5,000-square-foot Presidential Suite, which includes a spacious living area, dining area, gym, office, outdoor terrace, massage table for in-room spa treatments, 24-hour butler service, and private elevator access. It's lavishly appointed with a whopping 11 chandeliers throughout, not to mention 10 TVs and satellite radio streaming everywhere (including the shower), so queue up that baby-making music.

This deluxe hideaway, which has attracted visiting dignitaries and celebs alike, normally starts at 12 grand a night, so for 20K, you know there's still more in store. Like, say, a nighttime helicopter tour, Bachelor date-style, for a whole-new view of our skyline. You can also request transport via a Rolls-Royce Phantom, as one does.

The master bedroom in the Post Oak Hotel's enormous Presidential Suite.

You'll also get two monogrammed robes to wear to the spa for your treatments—two each: an In-Skin facial, which uses state-of-the-art, German-engineered and Italian-manufactured technology (the Post Oak is the only hotel in Texas to use the In-Skin facial system), and a Royal-Lomi Massage.

Fully rejuvenated, you'll be ready for the private sunset dinner and wine pairing on the outdoor terrace, with Executive Chef Jean-Luc Royere and Master Sommelier Keith Goldston. Breakfast-in-bed is delivered in the morning, and you'll also get a $250 credit toward room service or the adorable Bloom & Bee, plus a $500 shopping credit to the hotel's luxury boutique, 29 North.

Can't swing it? For the bargain price of $15,000, you can whisk your bae away to a one-bedroom suite (full kitchen, deluxe bathrooms, walk-in closets) for an overnight stay, chef-prepared dinner, and included deluxe spa offerings.

Then there's the $5,000 package, which includes an overnight stay in a Concierge Executive Suite with a welcome bottle of Veuve Clicquot, personalized silk robes, a couple's massage, and roundtrip transportation. Not exactly roughing it.

To book, call the Post Oak at 346-227-5002—but call me first.

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