More than once while helping my sister plan her pandemic wedding last year did I think, man, they should really just elope. After all, it would be cheaper—the average wedding cost $35,334 in 2019. It would be quicker—no more waiting months and months for a venue to open up. And it would be easier—no more wrangling guest RSVPS to get the caterer a head count. 

But how do you even go about eloping? Turns out, it’s easier than you think, and we’ve got the ultimate guide, including local venues, the legal stuff, which celebrity impersonator is right for you, and more. 

So sit back, relax, and go get married.

In This Feature:

This Houston Couple Had Only 13 Days to Plan Their Pandemic Wedding 

How Cinthya Zuniga and Michael Adame’s elopement turned into the wedding of their dreams. 

06/21/2021 By Adrianne Reece

The Legal Logistics of Eloping

A quick guide to all of the paperwork behind your “quickie” wedding ceremony. 

06/22/2021 By Sydney Davis

Here’s Where You Can Elope in Houston

Your go-to location guide for your runaway wedding.

06/23/2021 By Kelsy Armstrong

Which Celebrity Impersonator Is Right for Your Wedding?

Sure, Elvis is a kitschy classic, but what about Selena?

06/24/2021 By Brittany Cristiano

Where to Find Your Last-Minute Wedding Look in Houston

Who has time to wait six-to-eight months for a wedding dress, anyway? 

06/25/2021 By Brittany Cristiano