Earth Day

Local Sustainable Brands to Support on Earth Day

Here's who's encouraging the fashion industry to increase eco-friendly designs right here in Houston.

By Danielle Wright

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Eco-friendly marketplace Fox Holt's Indigo X Ray Vest using plant dye for color. 

Image: Fox Holt

Happy Earth Day, Houstonians. As we celebrate our planet, it’s important to recognize how waste is tarnishing our environment. Contrary to popular belief, plastic isn’t the only material filling up our landfills, wasted materials from the garment industry are as well. One way to help combat the cycle is by supporting businesses that focus on sustainability and changing the way we shop.

According to the local shopping hub, Livelihood, the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter of greenhouse gasses, accounting for 10% of the pollution driving climate change. While some styles may be lucky enough to be a bestseller, those overlooked online and in-store get put on sale or even worse, in the trash. Even in the production stages, loads of unused fabrics and materials are wasted away, tainting the environment. Thanks to the lower cost of fast fashion, people are likely to have an average of five times more clothes compared to 20 years ago.

In Houston, eight brands including Magpies & Peacocks and the ASCH Building are making a sustainable change by offering everything from apparel and accessories, to food and lifestyle essentials that are eco-friendly and repurposed. 

Scroll ahead to support Houston’s sustainable brands for Earth Day. 

ASCH Building

One of Houston’s biggest eco-friendly shops is the ASCH Building. Having recently moved to the Heights, the ASCH Building offers a nice array of sustainably-sourced products from around the world, divided into three sections; The Atelier, The Market, and The Home. The Atelier retails all things such as apparel, swim and footwear, as well as accessories like jewelry, hair ties and luggage tags. For ethically-sourced groceries, head to The Market to try a variety of brands like Goat Milk Popsicles or Legally Addictive toffee crackers. Rounding out the sustainable shops is The Home for all things decor and gifts, from pets to beauty, all crafted from repurposed materials. 

ASCH Atelier Remember to Play-Suit Local


Image: Asch Building

This vibrantly printed playsuit will fit right into your beachwear wardrobe. 

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For more information visit ASCH Atelier online or in-store at 825 Studewood, Houston, 77007


Shopping for statement pieces may be fun, but it’s the basics that help create wider options for outfits. BÉYU elevates typical fashions with fan-favorite neutrals, elongated straps, and intricate cutouts. Founded by Houston-native, Bobbie, the brand utilizes non-toxic and repurposed materials to create everyday rompers such as the olive Yara romper ($130), the mini Flower top ($75), and oyster linen Storm skirt ($110).

BÉYU Flower Top  Local


Image: BÉYU

The mini flower top adds flair to any look with it's cinched fabric and strappy detail. 

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For more information visit BÉYU online. 

Fox Holt

Founded by fashion-forward Houstonian friends, Dale Volpe and Katy Rowley, Fox Holt is where luxury and sustainability meet. The e-commerce shop celebrates ethical consumerism with repurposed materials, and by supporting the rights of artisans and designers. The brand covers a broad selection of markets from everyday apparel, to eco-friendly beauty as well as kids' essentials and home decor. Alongside a running list of designers, Fox Holt also has its own collection of dresses, jackets, and athleisure wear. 

Fox Holt Indigo X-Ray Vest Local


Image: Fox Holt

Who says vests can't be worn during spring and summer? Wear it on its own or layer with a quarter sleeve for an instant style boost. 

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For more information visit Fox Holt online. 


Nestled in Railway Heights is a brand that’s giving back in a major way. Livelihood is an organic unisex label that offers a variety of basics like graphic tees, hoodies, bottles, and headwear. The brand prides itself on small-batch production to ensure zero-waste and guarantees a quality product that’ll never see the light of landfills. Livelihood also commits 25 percent of profits to planting trees. To date, the brand has planted 1,668 trees across Houston and Austin. 

Livelihood Natural Slogan Tee Local


Image: Livelihood

This unisex tee is sustainably made from water-based ink and with a minimal design, so you can root for change all year long. 

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For more information visit Livelihood online or in-store at 8200 Washington Ave, Houston, 77007

Magpies & Peacocks

One of Houston’s most well-known fashion organizations, and the nation’s only 501(c)3 non-profit design house is Magpies & Peacocks. Started by Sarah-Jayne Smith and Ahsia Berry, the duo fixated on a mission to disrupt the fashion industry through its education on reuse. Magpies & Peacocks offers Houston designers a workspace to devise their own creations with its resource library of recycled materials to then showcase them in the design house or sell them online. The brand has also collaborated with Love Beauty And Planet and Patagonia and was named a Gucci Changemaker in 2021. 

Clarence Lee The Cocoon Coat Local


Local designer Clarence Lee crafted the Cocoon Coat. Available in brown or black, this garment was made for statement looks for the fall. 

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For more information visit Magpies & Peacocks online or their location at 908 Live Oak, Houston, 77003 

Refinement House

You’ll find almost everything you're looking for and more at Refinement House. Simplistic design meets mindful shopping at the all-encompassing market. Shoppers will find beauty care, cleaning products, bags, home decor, and on-the-go gifts. Refinement House’s mission to make sustainability available for all is made possible through its education and engagement, from affordably-priced items to events like the upcoming Eco-Chella, which will discuss recycled fashion.  

Refinement House Bamboo Toothbrush Local


Who knew brushing your teeth could help the Earth? These bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable so they won't pollute like plastic does once you're done.

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For more information visit Refinement House online. 

Soft Animal

With a recent launch, Soft Animal was made for the minimalist. Established by Houston-native Lucie Harte, the brand draws inspiration from timeless silhouettes and of course, sustainable methods to be “conscious and dreamy.” Pieces like the Boucle Strapless Top made of wool ($295), or the linen Lace Midi Skirt ($395) are sourced from natural fibers and recycled materials. Soft Animal also utilizes the small-batch method to avoid excessive fabric waste. Since most of the pieces are basic and buildable, shoppers can bring variety to their closet with just one purchase. 

Soft Animal Lace Midi Skirt Local


Image: Soft Animal

Linen maxi skirts were made for getaway vacations. Plus, the lace detail transforms the piece from simple to classy.  

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For more information visit Soft Animal online. 


Sunchild is a great marketplace to shop for loungewear lovers who still want to look a bit dressed up. Since 2012, founder Christina Sun has continued her mission of supporting, committing to, and bringing together independent designers with sustainable practices. The brand boasts major work-and-getaway vibes with styles like the oversized The 01 Set ($279), which is a wrap top and wide-leg pant designed by Deiji Studios.  The Summer May Dress ($169) is a maxi with colorful gingham prints from April Meets October. Sunchild also offers jewelry, footwear, and a kid's collection. 

April Meets October Summer May Dress Local


Image: Sunchild

Whether you're out shopping or just want to relax in your garden, the Summer May dress is a fun way to be dressy without the hassle. 

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For more information visit Sunchild online. 

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