Keep It Cozy with Houston’s 11 Best Hot Chocolate Spots

Agora, ChocolatZeina, and Red Dessert Dive are some of our favorite places for a warm cup o' cocoa.

11/14/2022 By Anna Rajagopal and Claire Anderson


This Is the Hot Chocolate-Coffee Combo You're Looking For

The Maya Mocha at Campesino Coffee will please even the toughest abuelos.

11/26/2018 By Timothy Malcolm

Less Hot, More Chocolate

Our Latest Obsession: Tree House's Artisan Hot Chocolate

The search for a great cup of hot chocolate found something grand in west Houston.

01/26/2018 By Cory Garcia


You're Going to Want to Make This Cardamom Hot Chocolate

Cacao & Cardamom owner Annie Rupani shares her secret recipe for the coziest cup of cocoa around.

11/29/2016 By Jenn Nguyen