April Flowers

This Weekend in Design: Anniversary Parties, Designer Handbags, and Trendy Piercings

What's popping up in our city this weekend?

04/04/2019 By Abby Ledoux

The Fearless Femme

I Tried It: Double Nose Piercing

I figured a second hole in my nose wouldn't hurt (except, okay, maybe literally it will).

07/20/2016 By Hala Daher

The Fearless Femme

I Tried It: Daith Piercing

It's an awkward place to pierce to say the least.

05/18/2016 By Hala Daher

Fearless Is Always in Fashion

I Tried It: Piercing My Septum

The best reactions were from the people who didn't say anything at all, but just stared at my nose.

02/24/2016 By Hala Daher