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By John Lomax May 1, 2013


Texan musicians sing about their home state more than musicians from pretty much anywhere else, perhaps excepting Scotland and Ireland. Seriously. Texas is one of those rare places where teary-eyed folks will emote in song about how they wished they were back home in Texas, even if they are, in fact, smack-dab between the Red and Rio Grande.

Looking through our iTunes and reflecting back on a life in music, I was able to populate a Google map with about a hundred songs about specific places in Texas. 

That's aside from songs that just mention Texas, of which there are so many we chose to ignore them. Besides, what exactly is meant when someone sings about a place so vast and varied as Texas? Port Arthur refineries of mile-high west Texas mountains? Arid big-sky Panhandle flatlands or whispering East Texas pines? 

At any rate, after exhausting our own catalogue and memory bank, net and library research and Facebook crowd-sourcing led us to many, many more of the types of songs we were looking for: to wit, tunes about specific towns, buildings, rivers, streets, specific geographical regions and the like.

Then we Google-mapped them as close as we could to their sources, and now, though there are hundreds mapped already, we know that many, many more are still out there.

So feel free to add your favorites in the comments, and let's make traveling Texas more musically specific for everyone! And check back from time to time for new additions and facts about and editorial opinions on these tunes.

Click on over to the map, and happy trails!



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