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The Dreamliner Lives Up To Its Name

Houstonians rave over Boeing 787.

By John Lomax June 13, 2013


 A few days ago Houstonia mag deputy art director Alese Pickering returned from a long weekend destination wedding trip to Bath, England. For someone who had flown to Blighty and back inside of a week she looked surprisingly spry. We asked about her apparent lack of jet-lag, and Pickering's face lit up.

She rode a Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the plane was amazing, she said.  The flight was quiet. The roomy cabin's air wasn't so dry. The windows had a rockin' adjustable tint from completely transparent to dark. The lighting was swell -- it auto-adjusts from day to night conditions, thus waxing and waning with our circadian rhythms and diminishing jet-lag.

"It really was the most pleasurable transatlantic flying experience I've ever had," Pickering gushed.

Cite magazine editor Raj Mankad is another Dreamliner fan. "It was amazing. I think it is a big step up in terms of the overall experience. Higher space above your head. Air quality is markedly better. The windows and the degrees of shading are better and bigger. Better seats. Better media. It all adds up."

Houston social media expert Joanne Witt echoes Pickering. Calling it the "best flight she's had in years," she also praises the plane's "additional oxygen in the air, " which she believes enabled her to feel "more alert and rested when I deplaned."

So rest those worries about those smoldering batteries, mmmkay? The Dreamliner lives up to its name.

(United offers domestic Dreamliner service from IAH to Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Newark, Cleveland and Denver and an international route to London.) 

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