An Auto Complete Tour of Texas

Why is Beaumont the saddest city? Why is Waco hated so much?

By John Lomax January 27, 2014

So there's a United States of Google Auto-Complete map making the 'net rounds today. If you start to ask Google "Why is Texas so..." it will helpfully suggest "big" in an attempt to finish your query. Or at least it did for the person who conducted this research originally. When I typed the same words, I got "hot" first. It has something to do with algorithms, I am sure.

Both "big" and "hot" are pretty neutral results, as these things go, as our neighboring states fare much worse. Arkansas and New Mexico both get "poor," while Louisiana gets "racist." Oklahoma gets "Republican," which could be more of a slur than the above results depending on where you land on the political spectrum.

Other states had downright strange results. Why do so many people evidently think that Pennsylvania is so "haunted," for example? 

Anyway, we thought we'd repeat the experiment for locales within Texas, and here are the first few results for each city.

Why is Houston so...





Ed. note: Can a place be both boring and ghetto at the same time? I've lived in a ghetto and I've lived in the 'burbs, and boredom was far more a factor in the latter.

Why is Galveston so...




Ed. note: Google also offers a variant: Why is Galveston beach so ugly?

Why is Dallas so...

On so late

On so late on Channel 5

Stars attendance so low

Growing so fast

Ed note: Looks like more people are curious about the show than the city.

Why is Austin so...





Ed. note: (No "weird"?)

Why is San Antonio so...





Ed. note: Wow, sounds like home! Talkin' 'bout the ghetto!

Some smaller cities don't auto-fill with "so" at the end but you see some interesting results once you type "Why is [city name]."

To wit:

Why is Beaumont the saddest city? 

Why is Waco hated so much?

Why is Fort Worth called Funky Town?

Why College Station is better than Austin

Why is San Angelo Texas on the map?

Why is Kim Kardashian in The Woodlands?

 Is she? Enquiring minds would like to know. 

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