Catfish Reef, Happy Hollow, and Vinegar Hill

And other endangered and extinct local neighborhood names.

By John Lomax February 20, 2014

Did you know that before the Old Sixth Ward was old, people called it "The Sabine"? Neither did I. 

That's just one of many endangered and extinct neighborhood names in the Houston area, many of which I have now mapped.

In Houston, we don't just tear down the buildings, we often erase the area's name as well. And that's a shame, because the names we had in Sig Byrd's day are so much more salty and pungent and evocative than those that have taken their place. (Or in some cases, the areas simply lost their name and never got another.) Where once we could come up with "Catfish Reef" organically, we now pay teams of consultants to spew pathetic wanna-be NYC concoctions like the abominations that are "NoDo" and "EaDo."

Don't get me started... Anyway, here's the map.

Always looking for more. If you see one that's missing, and it is not already designated on Google Maps, please send me the name and the approximate boundaries. 


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