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A Road Trip Through Germany

The author and an old friend take a road trip and discuss life.

By Garrett Flores April 8, 2015

This is the second of a Wanderlust series. See the first post here

In September, I embarked on a six-week trip to Angola, Germany and Spain. I spent two weeks in each with no purpose other than to experience these new places before I entered the real working world. During the trip I blogged about my travels and the people I met. I also came up with five generic questions, printed them on a business card and asked participants to pick three and answer them on camera. Why? To see how people from such different walks of life would answer the same questions. If the people I interviewed are any indication, despite our cultural differences, we're all very much alike.

After two weeks in Angola I headed off to Germany to meet an old friend, Carsten. Carsten lived with my family for nine months during my junior year of high school as part of a foreign exchange program. He lived in my home and experienced my culture. Now, six years later, it was my turn.

Carsten and I reunited at the Frankfurt airport. Our first stop was to his hometown, Bamberg, which is a big tourist town because it's quaint and beautiful. Actually, beautiful is understatement—it's unreal. Carsten explained that Bamberg is one of the few cities in Germany that wasn’t bombed during World War II, so all of its historic architecture is still perfectly intact.


After spending some time in Bamberg, Carsten and I embarked on a week-long road trip along the southern and eastern sides of Germany. We stopped in Wurzburg, Nuremberg, Munich (only a day, for Oktoberfest) and Berlin. While Carsten did let me take the wheel for a short time on the Autobahn, he did nearly all the driving. He was an excellent host, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in Germany. 

On the last day, I asked Carsten if he would participate in my ongoing questions project. He complied, declaring his love for the soccer team FC Schalke 04 and talking about his favorite hobby, paddle-boarding. (Although I wasn't previously a soccer fan, after watching three Schalke games surrounded by Germans and drinking German beer, they are now my favorite soccer team.) Check out the clip above or read it below:

What does love mean to you, and when have you felt it?

I have to say, my favorite soccer team, Schalke no fear, its like the greatest thing in the world. Where have you felt it? Every time I go to the stadium, I love it there. Best thing in the world. 

What is your biggest fear in life?

I have to say, probably, to not achieve the goals I set for myself. And to disappoint myself and my parents and my family.

What are you most passionate about?

Probably my biggest hobby, stand-up paddling. I like doing this, it’s really fun always. I try to go to different places, do it in different cities, different rivers, waves, whatever.

What is the hardest part about growing up?

I would probably have to say, never being listened to. When you are younger usually people look down at you. You never really know if they actually take you serious or not.


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