Our 10 Essential Travel Apps

Going abroad? Time to pack your phone.

By Kayla Stewart April 22, 2015

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Planning a trip abroad? Packing your phone with the right apps is just as important as packing your suitcase. Here’s our list of the essentials: 



SkyScanner helps users find the absolute best fares possible, and, with its sleek design, looks good doing it. Users can use the app to keep an eye on price fluctuations before buying. I snagged a ticket to Italy for $400 this way. More money for hitting the markets in Florence!


There are few things that are more frustrating than getting to the airport to find out your flight has been canceled. FlightView is great for frequent travelers wanting to track flight times, weather reports and potential delays.



This app is now a phenomenon in 190 countries, offering accommodations ranging from a guest bedrooms to tropical villas. One of the coolest things AirBnB offers is the chance to communicate with your host, allowing for local insight into the place you’re visiting.


If staying with a stranger isn’t appealing, check out the app, which features lodging options in thousands of cities, ranging from local hostels to the best hotels in walking distance. Unlike AirBnB, Booking gives you the option to book to day of, which helps when those unexpected day trips last longer than planned.   



Yelp is the app that keeps on giving, allowing users to find restaurants, museums, post offices, bars and more all over the world.


Walking the streets of Nice and craving a Nutella crêpe? There’s an app for that. Foodspotting not only features crowd-sourced restaurant reviews, but also allows users to search for a particular dish. The rating system is focused on specific dishes rather than restaurants, which is helpful for the traveling connoisseur.


Google Maps

Google Maps works just as well in other countries as it does here. Think you took a wrong turn on your way to the Acropolis? Simple reroute and get back on track. Street view is also super-helpful when you’re new to a city.

AlpineQuest GPS Hiker

Hikers, we didn’t forget about you. This is your go-to app—a step-by-step guide to outdoor activities and sports, from hiking to sailing. The app even provides off-road navigation and the ability to save landmarks, plus topographic maps that are available even in remote areas.



What happens when you meet new friends while dancing at a salsa club in Madrid? Whatsapp happens. This messaging system lets users communicate with friends around the globe without outrageous fees, allowing them to send data using their wifi or web package.

Google Translate

Do not attempt to use this app to have a real conversation with a native speaker. Instead, use it to answer basic questions that may come up, or as a last resort when you need directions. Ahem.

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