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Which Private Bus Line Is Right for You?

From free wi-fi and snacks to comfortable conference rooms, this isn’t your average Greyhound bus service.

By Katharine Shilcutt November 21, 2016 Published in the December 2016 issue of Houstonia Magazine

It may still be a while before Texas gets a high-speed rail line between its largest cities. Until then—and for those folks who’d rather stay at home than go through another airport security line—a growing number of charter-bus companies are entering the Texas market, offering everything from free wi-fi to private, on-board conference rooms. That bus trip to Dallas doesn’t seem so long when you’re binge-watching Buffy the whole way…

Update: According to its Facebook page, Shofur has "temporarily paused" its bus service throughout Texas "due to some unforeseen logistical issues" as of November 29. Though no single passenger tickets are available at this time, "Shofur will continue to provide group charter bus reservations in 100+ cities nationwide, including Texas."


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  • Tagline: "Safe, convenient, low-cost, daily express bus service"
  • Passenger Capacity: 81
  • No. of Destinations in Texas: 5 
  • Daily Trips to Dallas: 10
  • Tickets Start At: $20
  • Free Perks: Wi-fi, power outlets, reclining seats
  • Discounts: Students, $10 off
  • Assigned Seating? No, but you can reserve seats for $1 more
  • Seat Fabric: Slightly scratchy '90s cinema carpet
  • Luggage Policy: Up to 2 pieces, including 1 carry-on
  • Upgrades: Get a balcony view or a seat with a table for a few bucks more


1216 ice house bus shofur fhgtcs

Image: Shutterstock

  • Tagline: "Bus reservations made easy"
  • Passenger Capacity: 56
  • No. of Destinations in Texas: 4 
  • Daily Trips to Dallas: 1
  • Tickets Start At: $29
  • Free Perks: All of the above, plus ability to book through an app
  • Discounts: None
  • Assigned Seating? Yes
  • Seat Fabric: Depends on the bus; Shofur doesn't own its fleet, instead chartering privately owned buses
  • Luggage Policy: Up to 3 pieces, including 1 carry-on
  • Upgrades: A slightly cleaner restroom than what you'll find on a Megabus


1216 ice house bus vonlane fqfdfm


  • Tagline: "Private jet on wheels"
  • Passenger Capacity: 16
  • No. of Destinations in Texas: 2 
  • Daily Trips to Dallas: 4
  • Tickets Start At: $99
  • Free Perks: Wi-fi, DirecTV, XM Radio, refreshments, snacks, noise-canceling headphones
  • Discounts: None
  • Assigned Seating? Yes
  • Seat Fabric: Giant, plush leather seats with lots of legroom
  • Luggage Policy: Up to 3 pieces
  • Upgrades: A private, 6-person conference room with a flat-panel TV
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