Texans Are Heading to Havana for Spring Break, According to Kayak

Plus: You'll never guess who's coming to Corpus Christi.

By Katharine Shilcutt March 8, 2017

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Texans are traveling to Havana in ever greater numbers.

One of the hottest Spring Break destinations for Americans in 2017 is a place that wouldn't have cracked the top 10 in previous years—mostly because many Americans couldn't get there. According to travel website Kayak, Havana is now right behind Maui as one of the most researched spring break spots for the upcoming beach season.

Texas is one of the 10 states whose denizens are planning to vacation in Havana this spring, thanks to recently relaxed rules that make obtaining travel paperwork and direct flights to the capital city of Cuba much easier—so much, in fact, that U.S. tourism to the island increased by 80 percent last year. This means you'll need to plan your own visit well in advance, as both flights and the limited number of hotel rooms and Airbnb spots book up quickly.

United began offering non-stop service from Houston to Havana as of December 3. The two-and-a-half-hour flights started at $519 each way, but today you can find tickets from $257. The non-stop service isn't available every day, however—only Saturdays—so plan accordingly.

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Nevadans, meanwhile, are heading to Corpus Christi this year for spring break.

Meanwhile, Texas itself is also a popular spring break destination for at least a few of our fellow Americans. Specifically, Nevadans. Even more specifically, they're going to Corpus Christi. Far be it from us to malign Mustang Island or question the tourism qualities of the USS Lexington, but we admit we're left wondering why people in Nevada are so curious about Corpus.

Could it be that the scenic shores of Lake Tahoe have nothing on the Gulf of Mexico? Or is Nevada filled with Whataburger fans eager to visit the flagship location? A cursory Google search suggests this, clearly, is the most likely answer, as evidenced by a poll last month in the Las Vegas Review-Journal in which an overwhelming majority of Vegas residents said Whataburger was the No. 1 business—restaurant or otherwise—Nevadans needed most. Suddenly a spring break pilgrimage to the land of honey butter chicken biscuits makes a lot more sense.

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