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The year is 2021 and you’ve never needed more balance and restoration than now. 

For some, a visit to a five-star luxury resort is enough to restore and reset the mind-body connection. For others, there’s a little more work and intention involved to get back to your best self. That’s exactly what you’ll feel the moment you cross over the bridge at Rosewood Mayakoba to Sense, A Rosewood Spa®. Travel to the idyllic island by beach cruiser or golf cart, where you’ll notice an immediate and much-needed change of pace. The 17,000-square-foot spa and fitness facility is located on its own jungle island, offering more than 20 treatments ranging from 60-minute sessions to weeklong journeys.  

Sense, A Rosewood Spa® at Rosewood Mayakoba knows the importance of mind-body connections when it comes to overall wellness. That’s why they set out to create personal journeys and immersive experiences to help guests become their most energized, strong, and serene self. Some journeys even include individual sessions with a highly intuitive Resident Shaman. 

The spa, which is located on its own island within the luxury resort, boasts 12 treatment villas complete with open-air elements located on the water canals. Guests can expect locally influenced and ritualistic treatments that are rooted in Mayan culture and heritage. The treatments incorporate traditional Mexican healing techniques and practices throughout every step of the wellness journey. Simply put, it’s more than a massage. It’s an immersive and transcendent experience. 

If you’re craving a true getaway to enhance your daily routine and possibly boost your immune system, this luxury spa is a quick non-stop flight out of either Houston airports. 

5 Reasons To Visit This Tropical Spa

Beachfront Studio Suite at Sense Spa, Courtesy of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

  1. It Was Ranked One Of The World’s Top Spas

The spa was named one of the world’s top spas by Forbes Travel Guide, and was the first spa in Mexico ever to be awarded this prestigious honor. 

It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind luxurious experience, complete with a resident Shaman who will read your energies and make recommendations. The experience goes far beyond steam showers and CBD massages. Create your own wellness journey or let the experts guide you. Choose from healing or relaxing treatments, or immerse yourself in a lux-combo of the two. 

  1. The Wellness Suites Are Unlike Any Other 

The recently renovated and redesigned wellness suites extend your serenity well past your appointment time. 

The two-story suites overlook an emerald lagoon, and were thoughtfully designed to feel like a wellness destination within a luxury resort. On the tropical island, guests experience a private refuge to focus within, find tranquility, and encourage self-healing. Each of the eight wellness suites are fit for first-class travelers. Guests are assigned a “wellbeing butler” to help curate a personalized, targeted experience based on their individual goals (they will even bring you aloe vera while you’re at dinner, in case you got a severe sunburn like yours truly). 

The lavish suites feature both indoor and outdoor luxury amenities, including a private salt-therapy pool, a meditation pavilion set on the suite balcony, reflexology fountain, and Skinjay in-shower aromatherapy capsules among other amenities – all exclusive to these suites. 

Quick tip: the wellness suites are adults-only (so great for couples and honeymooners) – and that extends to the spa pool as well.

Wellness Suite at Sense Spa, Courtesy of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

  1. Unique Spa Menu

The one-of-a-kind treatment menu is one you don’t see often. During a recent visit, I received The “Kuxtal” Sensory Garden Ritual, a 180-minute treatment that takes place at the spa’s onsite garden. “Named after the Mayan word for life ‘Kuxtal’, this unique experience pays homage to the ancient beliefs of the Mayan Shamans who recognized their direct connection with all living forms. The journey begins with a sensory awakening ritual where a fusion of aromas, sounds & taste blend with the beauty of nature to awaken each one of the five senses."

Inside the garden, guests are encouraged to intuitively choose a plant that the massage therapist will incorporate into the treatment. The healing significance of the guest’s chosen plant helps them design a customized journey centered on the four levels of wellness: physical, emotional, spiritual or mindfulness. 

The break in my normally scheduled sunbathing and over-indulgent vacation was like fuel for my soul. Fuel that I wasn’t even aware I needed. 

Hydrotherapy Pool at Sense Spa, Courtesy of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

  1. First-Class Staff 

The spa and their staff go the extra mile to create practicality with benefits you can take home. And we’re talking takeaways that extend far beyond items from their brilliantly curated gift shop – things like chakra alignment mantras, breath work, renewed strength, and more. The spa’s mission is to help you build immune response, restore balance, and increase well-being through personalized treatments and rituals that are all aimed to enhance your daily routine in tangible ways you can incorporate after you leave.  The goal is to come away with fuller self-awareness and skills to set your goals in motion for success once you return home. 

  1. Multi-Journey Approaches

Experience wellness and acceptance from within. Do you struggle with your relationship with food? Do you suffer from self-doubt? The spa offers a multi-journey approach that can help you address your body’s needs from the inside out and the outside in. Try the Conscious Body Ritualism treatment (120 Minutes), which removes deep-rooted stress that is historically stored in key areas of the body. It is a holistic and innovative ritual with long-lasting results to help reset perceptions and emotions, and restore balance throughout. 

To Get There:

Fly into Cancun (CUN), and take a 45-minute drive into Mexico’s famed Riviera Maya. Mayakoba is a gated community and home to award-winning hotels. The lush landscape encompasses 620 acres of pristine lagoons, jungles, beaches, golf, and more, and has become a favorite vacation spot for many A-list celebrities over the years

COVID Safety Stipulations

The spa is currently only permitting one person at a time in the hydrotherapy pools, and reservations are required. You can access more detailed information on the resort’s safety protocols on their website


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