The plain slice. The soda. The dream.

For weeks I sampled some of the finest New York pizza on offer in the Bayou City. (If only FiveThirtyEight graphically illustrated how much mozzarella I consumed.)

Now, this isn't vault material here. I didn't try every New York joint in the city, so I'm always excited to receive kind recommendations and feedback. 

Here are the 11, ranked (and graded on the PIZZAAAAA scale—the more As the better). Begin the debate; I'll stay out of the comments.

Level A

11. Russo’s New York Pizzeria: One of the biggest slices in town, but not enough cheesy impact.

10. Star Pizza: So much cheese, though it's really creamy and delicious. I couldn't fold my slice, and it was too crunchy.

9. Pizza Love: Another behemoth! The mozzarella lacks a milky punch and the sauce lacks bite.

8. Mellow Mushroom: Another big slice. Too much cheese; although this one has a better crust.

Level AA

7. Daddy O’s Pizza 1: This slice has a crispy crust, also more mozzarella than sauce, and it's too baked.

6. Pinks Pizza: Just a little too cheesy and melty, but good for what ails you.

Level AAA

5. Luna Pizzeria: Really good, lightly charred, crispy crust. Decent balance of flavors.

4. Brother’s Pizzeria: There's a nice balance of cheese and sauce on this wide slice.

Level AAAA

3. Frank’s Pizza: The flavors pop here, though the textured slice is a bit too Hollywood than New York. Still, delicious.

2. Pizza L’Vino: It has a good balance of flavors. The crust is just about perfect, and the slice was foldable and greasy.


1. Romano’s Pizza Italian Restaurant: The flavor is tremendous—it has a herbaceous sauce, and a creamy bite on the mozzarella. The right size.

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