As her Houston Heights neighborhood transforms around her, Cary Reeder can't shake the nagging feeling that it's all happening too fast, the past slipping away before anyone has a chance to say goodbye. Her desire to document the neighborhood's architectural history before it disappears is the inspiration for her latest series of paintings being shown at Lawndale Art Center's Grace R. Cavnar Gallery (4912 Main Street).

Reeder's first solo show—"Now, What Was there?"—focuses on 1920s bungalows that are in danger of being demolished, allowing the artist (and onetime Urban Planner) to explore themes of loss, secrecy and vanishing memories. The exhibition is funded by a grant from the Houston Arts Alliance. It opens on August 23 between 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. and begins with a talk by the artist. We met up with Cary for a sneak preview and to learn more about her work. Check out the video below.

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