Slideshow: Justin Timberlake in Concert

If you weren't at the Toyota Center last night, here's what you missed.

By Ryan Tietz December 6, 2013

Justin Timberlake brought his suit and tie to Houston last night with an action-packed show at the Toyota Center. Supported by a live band and the obligatory back-up dancers, JT gave the audience a musical tour of his entire career, from his days with 'N Sync to his recent solo collaborations with super-producer Timbaland. He even threw in covers of Michael Jackson's "Human Nature," Elvis's "Heartbreak Hotel," and Bell Biv Devoe's "Poison." As if his acting career didn't already prove his versatility, Timberlake wowed the crowd by playing guitar and piano (a white Liberace-style grand that rose magically from beneath the stage) at various points during his set. And although we could barely hear the music over the screams of the teenage girls sitting behind us, we're pretty sure it sounded awesome. 

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