It Coulda Been Verse

Houston’s Found Poetry Tells Us a Lot About Ourselves

Poetry can be found just about anywhere.

March 3, 2014 Published in the March 2014 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Over the next year, our city will face many critical decisions, none more difficult or crucial than the choice of Houston’s next poet laureate. Even as the mayor begins gathering nominations from the city’s effete literati, The Drawl vows to continually push the Parker administration to cast its net wider, on the idea that great Houston poesy might be found anywhere. After all, didn’t Maya Angelou—when asked her if anyone could write a poem—reply with a resounding “I think so”? No word on whether Maya believes anyone can write a poem about Houston, but if the following passages The Drawl has come across online are any indication, this city is a willing Muse to versifiers of every sort.

Houston is a place waiting for you
To discover its hidden wonders. 

—From “HOUSTON INFORMATION” by Lufthansa Airlines

In Houston, 
No one ethnic or racial group makes up 
A majority of the population 
And some of the oldest forests in the world 
Share a state with some of the driest, 
Most desolate deserts in the hemisphere

“ZIPCODE 77373” by Houston Movers R’ Us

When I think of Houston 
I think larger than life, 
Powerful, and strong 
And overflowing of beef. 


Houston is flourishing
And so are their cheap hotels….
Houston is a place to go 
To relax and unwind just like 
In the Old West would have wanted you to. 

“CHEAP HOTELS IN HOUSTON” by Montrose Travel

Framed original watercolor by Yvonne Fitch,
A former Houston resident. 
Depicts a goddess sitting in meditation.
Beautiful bright colors and detail.
I love her work, but we have downsized 
And don’t have the room to display it.


One of the major calls we get in Houston
Is for bats in the attic.
Bats feel right at home and comfortable 
In your Houston attic. 
Bats in the attic in Houston
Is a very common problem.
Give our company a call today.

—From “BATS IN THE ATTIC” by A All Animal Control

Houston is blessed by 
And geography. 

From “HOUSTON IS UNSTOPPABLE: A NEAR-HAIKU” by Subhead writer at The Atlantic magazine

When I think of Houston 
I think of Lyle Lovett. 
I’d sure like to meet Lyle Lovett
Never mind that I don’t know Lyle Lovett, 
Or that I was only going to be in Houston for 10 hours. 

“MANIFEST-OH!” by Just Lara

Houston is a place where you need something 
That can endure the weather.
The city’s weather is well-known for
Changing from clear to stormy in an instant.
Also, a lot of people park heavy vehicles 
On their driveways.

—From “CARVESTONE FOR DRIVEWAYS” by Allied Outdoor Solutions

Houston is my home....
I got married and my husband “kid-napped” me 
And now I live in Fresno, California (he’s from here).
The do-nuts shops here are NOTHING compared to Shipley’s.
You guys need to come out here 
And at least open one Shipley’s Do-Nuts.

—From “FACEBOOK, JANUARY 30, 2013 AT 9:22AM” by Rosemary K. Sambrano

Chicago and Los Angeles are without question
“World class” cities that enjoy 
A higher profile than Houston, 
But there is no indication 
Their office or employment markets
Are currently performing better than Houston
And I am not sure why their is a sentiment
They are going to, 
But I would love to hear it.


Houston is a place that many Houstonians, 
As well as people from around the world, 
Have come to and leave with a new found hope 
Of having a head full of hair again. 

—“THERE IS HOPE FOR THOSE SUFFERING” by Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center

First Class Magazine often invests
In our reader’s behavior studies…
What – Where and When they hopping,
Likes or dislikes, aspirations and interests.
With this information we create the following
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—From “EDITORIAL CONTENT HOUSTON” by First Class magazine

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