How Now Giant Dancing Cow? And Who?

Sorry for the Upworthy-style headline here, but...Chris Keeble was taking pictures of a mural in the First Ward, and what happened next will blow your mind. At least a little bit.

By John Lomax Photography by Christopher Keeble May 15, 2014

Christopher Keeble was meandering home along the Heights Bike Trail taking photos yesterday afternoon. Near the corner of Goliad St. and Spring St., in the First Ward, he came across a new mural by Wiley Robertson and dismounted to shoot some pics.

"And this nice van pulls up," Keeble says. "A nicely dressed, older Hispanic dude hops out and sets up a tripod. I tune him out while I try to take pictures."

"[And then] this f***ing heifer sashays by. Blew me away."

"I said how much I liked it, and the cow ordered the Hispanic dude to use my phone to take the portrait," Keeble continues.

Avert your eyes from Mr. Keeble's socks please.

The surreal tableau remains a mystery to Keeble. "When I asked the cow what was up, I interrupted his reply, saying something along the lines of, 'I don't want to know, I think it's awesome, thank you.' But I don't think this is the first time he's done this and I'd like to track down other dancing heifer things he's done."

So Houstonia readers, just who is that floridly-attired, gigantic dancing cow?  

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