America's Got Talent Watch Party With Juan Carlos
June 24 6:30–9
1001 Austin St. 

Three weeks ago, Houstonia broke the news that Juan Carlos, the Montrose rollerblade dancer, would be auditioning on America’s Got Talent. Well, Sunday night was finally showtime for the Houston icon, and our favorite son knocked 'em dead. Well, everyone except professional sourpuss Howard Stern, who didn't even wait for Juan Carlos to finish his routine before punching the "No" button on his console. Fortunately the ever-excitable Howie Mandel rallied to the rollerblader's defense ("This is where we're going to disagree—this guy's amazing! He's a star!"), successfully lobbying Mel B and Heidi Klum to join him in sending Juan Carlos through to the next round of competition.

We suspect the clinching factor was the crowd, which, like so many Houston motorists, instantly fell in love with the flamboyant Colombian expat, clapping along as Juan Carlos twirled and gyrated in his shiny red costume to Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'," and giving him an enthusiastic standing ovation at the end of the performance. 

"I am telling you, he will win the hearts of America," Mandel predicted in response to Stern's professions of boredom. The judges then asked Juan Carlos to show them 10 poses, which the ex-hairdresser was more than happy to supply, and which seemed to win over even the King of All Media. "That was pretty good—I'll give you that," the shock jock admitted. 

If you missed Sunday night's performance, you can catch an encore presentation Tuesday at 7pm on NBC. Juan Carlos himself will be the guest of honor for a watch party at MKT Bar from 6:30 to 9.  And stay tuned as the Montrose Rollerblader continues to progress towards the show's million-dollar grand prize.