Houston Chef Appears Tonight on a "Bloody" Episode of Chopped

With a chef this adventurous, it's sure to be a bloody good time.

By Katharine Shilcutt January 5, 2016

Jason kerr vy8hcy

Houston chef Jason Kerr, far left, takes on the competition tonight on Chopped.

Remember that Chopped casting call that went out across Houston last summer? Jason Kerr does. He's one of at least two Houston chefs appearing on the newest season of the Food Network favorite, in which four chefs battle it out across three rounds to see who cooks best under pressure.

Kerr is perhaps best known for his food truck, Zilla Street Eats, and the puckish glee with which he often incorporated Cheetos into his signature high-end junk food fare: inside a cheeseburger at the now-defunct Zilla; coating fried oysters at Lowbrow; dusted on top of mac 'n' cheese at Hollister on Washington (sadly, also closed).

Though the cheese puffs aren't likely to be found in the Chopped pantry, we're willing to bet Kerr has a few other tricks up his sleeve; after all, this is the same guy who once crashed a private event for Anthony Bourdain at Jones Hall by pretending to be part of the catering crew.

And while we're not quite sure what the episode's title indicates yet—"A Bloody Battle in the Kitchen" could mean anything from a cheftestant cutting themselves (which has happened frequently over the years) to a more euphemistic all-out war between the four chefs—one thing is certain: it should be bloody good TV.

Chopped airs tonight at 9 p.m. on the Food Network.

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