On Tuesday, April 19 and Wednesday, April 20, Heart of Fashion CEO and founder Vivian Wise co-hosted two private events with Dior and de Boulle respectively at the River Oaks District to welcome the upcoming May Mystery Show, a highly anticipated fashion showcase sponsored by Tootsie's at a secret location on May 6.

Well-heeled guests at the Dior and de Boulle parties enjoyed mingling over passed hors-d'oeuvres and champagne as well as the opportunity to shop in a private setting (with a portion of those proceeds going to Texas Legacy Foundation). At de Boulle, the theme of the evening was Daytona in celebration of Nick Boulle's recent second place success at the Daytona races. Attendees were able to buy May Mystery show tickets in an airstream trailer outside and gaze at Nick Boulle's race car on display at the entrance and models in Daytona racing attire.

In a continuous effort to collaborate with Houston's local fashion industry, Heart of Fashion is excited to raise extended awareness of the their mission dedicated to supporting the local economy as well as international designers, all while contributing significantly to local charities. Heart of Fashion will host its second annual large-scale runway event of curated designer collection at Million Air Houston November 16 to 18 once again, transforming the 99,000 square feet of hangar space into a spectacular fashion arena.

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