MasterChef Junior Heads to Houston Next Weekend

An open casting call is searching for the next tiny chef to top them all.

By Paulina Lelo de Larrea July 8, 2016

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MasterChef Junior airs on Fox and is heading into its fifth season.

Calling all food junkies, and junior foodies in particular. A team of producers is heading to Houston next weekend in search of the next MasterChef Junior. And lest you worry your little one will be subjected to a screaming tirade on-air, host and chef Gordon Ramsay is widely known for his soft spot for kids, always encouraging the small chef-testants on his Fox cooking show.

MasterChef Junior began in 2013 in the U.S., based on the equally popular Junior MasterChef, the U.K. version of the series. The show has four seasons under its belt, and has been renewed for both a fifth and a sixth season—on either of which your aspiring chef kiddo could compete.

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This could be you(r kid)!

In order to be eligible to for competition on the show, contestants must be between 8 and 13 years old. Out of the couple hundred kids that audition each year, 24 are chosen to compete for a $100,000 prize, and of course, bragging rights. Two contestants are eliminated at the end of each episode while the rest continue to the next round. The 23 contestants that do not continue to the last round, however, do get to keep the aprons given to them on the show, and the bragging right of “I was on national television, what did you do this weekend?” while their parents get the equally important “Oh your son is on the honor roll? Well my daughter was on MasterChef for 10 rounds at the age of 12.”

Interested in these bragging rights? Sign your child up before July 15 and attend the open call held at the Four Seasons Hotel on 1300 Lamar St. on July 16. MasterChef Junior asks that you arrive with the application form filled out upon arrival. Participants only need to bring their apron, as everything else will be provided at the open call. Have a parent or guardian stay with your child throughout the entire open call, and the rest lies in your tiny chef’s hands.

For more information and the application form, head to


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