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Indie Movie Reparation Debuts in the Bayou City

Four Houstonians helped produce this year's film festival favorite.

With Mellanie Perez October 4, 2016

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Reparation, a powerful psychological thriller that follows an Air Force veteran trying to piece together his lost memories, debuted in Houston last week, with its final Bayou City screening tonight at Studio Movie Grill in CityCentre at 7:30 p.m.

Written and directed by Kyle Ham, the film portrays veteran Bob Stevens (Marc Menchaca) as he struggles with three years' worth of memory loss. After an enigmatic stranger claims to be his best friend from the Air Force, Bob must confront the lost years with nothing but clues from his 8-year-old daughter’s drawings. Powerhouse performances and a mysterious plot garnered Reparation 11 film festival awards, including the Audience Choice prize at the Austin Film Festival and Best Film at the Santa Fe Film Festival.

The film's credits boast an impressive roster of Houstonians, including actress Caroline Tudor and a whopping four local producers: Phoebe Tudor, Bobby Tudor, Liz Dooley and Chris Dooley. 

Based on the play The Activist by Steve Timm, Reparation has been 21 years in the making. “In 1995, when I was in a junior at Depaul University, my faculty advisor—the pretty well-known playwright, Steve Timm—would put up plays every two or three years,” says director Ham. “When I saw this one, I thought, ‘This story is much bigger than a play.' It felt very cinematic and nuanced.”

Largely funded by Kickstarter campaigns, the movie was made with a mere $200,000 budget and filmed in Indiana for only 24 days. But attention to details were not lost when it came to the cast. The vice president of Casting Society of America, Matt Lessall—who coincidentally participated in Timm's play back in 1995 when he was also attending DePaul University—cast the film. “He knew the kind of actors that would have the chops to do it, as there were some pretty dense roles,” says Ham. 

Although Houston is one of the first cities to showcase the movie, the crew is gearing up for film premieres in 16 additional cities. If you can't attend tonight's screening, save the date for its release on Google Play and iTunes on November 1. 

Studio Movie Grill in City Centre, 822 Town and Country Blvd. 713-461-4449.

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