After a 15-year hiatus, Warren Beatty returns to the silver screen as Houston's infamous billionaire Howard Hughes in the new biopic Rules Don’t Applywhich premiered at AFI Fest last week and will open in theaters on November 23.

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Set in the late '50s, Marla Mabery (Lilly Collins) is an small town beauty queen, devout Baptist and aspiring actress, one of many contracted by Hughes's production company RKO Pictures, who forms a relationship with her Los Angeles driver Frank Forbes (Alden Ehrenreich). The youthful dramedy is about the sexual awakening of two religiously repressed teenagers employed by the eccentric billionaire, who also becomes entangled with Marla's life.

The film also spends due time on Hughes's now-famous oddities, including the incident where he ordered 200 gallons of banana nut ice cream only to realize he preferred chocolate marshmallow.

While both Marla and Frank are fictional characters, many speculate that Marla mirrors real-life actress and Hughes's second wife, Jean Peters, who coincidentally came to Hollywood from a small town in Ohio during that same decade. 

While no screen dates have been announced for Houston yet, stayed tuned for Hughes returning to the Bayou City.

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