Swimsuit Season

Meet Texan Sports Illustrated Model Hannah Ferguson

From growing up on a farm to shooting in Fiji, get to know the supermodel before SI Swimsuit Vibes Festival.

By Camilo Smith February 17, 2017

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Hannah Ferguson in the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Hannah Ferguson, who grew up in San Angelo, Texas, was photographed on a small 400-acre island in Fiji for this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, her fourth time gracing the pages of the magazine.

This weekend, Ferguson is hanging out in Houston for Sport Illustrated’s Vibes Festival to launch the much-anticipated issue. Get to know the West Texas beauty (and learn her workout secrets) before this weekend's event. 

On Growing Up in West Texas

I’m from San Angelo, Texas—born and raised! It’s a small town in the middle of nowhere. I grew up on a farm. I actually visited Houston for the first time during the Super Bowl. Texas is pretty big! 

From San Angelo to New York City

After graduating high school, I moved to Dallas and started modeling at 19, so I kind of got a late start. I started modeling there and after six months they sent me to New York. I’ve been in New York for almost six years now.

Tips from Her Veteran Parents

My parents were both in the Marine Corps and that’s how they met. They were out by the time I was born, but they did a good amount of service. When working out, my mom taught me how to do a pretty mean flexed arm hang. 

Work-Out Woes

I hate running, but I’ve had to just train myself to do it and trick my brain into enjoying it. It’s been a process, but I’m getting better and actually find from time to time that I crave to go for a jog. I guess it’s working! I always listen to rap and hip-hop. I need music that’s fast and has a beat that I can run to and keep up with. Sometimes I’ll listen to songs on repeat because it’s the pace that I’m running.

Go-To Swimsuit

I love the '80s and '90s-style bikinis with a high cut. I think that’s so sexy. And I really love colors that are more neutral and earthy tones. I dress it up with dainty gold body jewelry, or body chains, and little rings.

Ferguson will join other models during Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's Vibes festival on Feb 17–18 at Post HTX, 401 Franklin St. Tickets begin at $35. The festival will feature local DJs and chefs as well as headlining performances by Diplo and LA R&B singer, Miguel. 

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