It Will Be a While Before Houston Sees Another Scene Like the MAXIM Super Bowl Party

The crowds went wild.

By Rafa Farihah Videography by Getty Images February 7, 2017

Six rounds of security checks and a metal detector separated guests from the party entrance as celebrities waltzed down the red carpet.

Singers, reality show stars, celebrity wannabes, and fans took to the Smart Financial Center in Sugar Land on Saturday night for the 2017 MAXIM Super Bowl Party, looking like a million bucks. You could see the fuchsia-lit stadium from miles away. Stunt motorcyclists flew through the air at the Monster Energy FMX Motorcycle Show outside the center, which had been transformed into a glamorous party hall. Models in lingerie danced on illuminated platforms as waiters served light bites.  

Dj khaled maxim super bowl party mlmfzv

DJ Khaled kept the party going as he deejayed at the MAXIM Super Bowl Party.

Image: Getty Images

The Karma International–produced gala wasn’t for just for anyone. Initially, you had to be invited just to purchase the $750 tickets. The week beforehand, organizers opened it up to the public, if they could afford it.

Joe jonas maxim super bowl party a27kl0

Joe Jonas of DNCE sang his heart out at the MAXIM Super Bowl Party 2017 presented by Thomas J. Henry and produced by Karma International in Sugar Land. 

Image: Getty Images

Famous faces we’d seen on TV and in tabloids stood inches away. Patriots cheerleaders walked out of their bus, posing in their cocktail dresses for the flashing cameras. Pop stars Adrienne Bailon, Bow Wow, Fergie and Nick Cannon were there, as was Rocket James Harden and Dallas heartthrob Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl. Even Ludacris made the bash. Some stayed only for a bit before hopping to other parties, while others spent the entire evening in their private suites.

When asked about who she supports for the Super Bowl, Bailon laughed and said, “I’m going for Tom Brady, but everybody says that’s not a team. So obviously, it’s the Patriots.” Bow Wow, meanwhile, showed patriotism to his home team, the Atlanta Falcons.

As guests entered the grand hall, they were greeted with bright red lights, blaring music, lingerie models, and elaborate displays of macarons, cupcakes, and spiked ice cream. The Monster Energy Lounge and the open bar kept the audience in good spirits throughout the night. After crowds spent hours socializing, at around 11, the performances got underway and everyone went insane.

Agile, graceful, acrobatic dancers hung from the ceiling on red ribbons as DJ Khaled dropped beats. Then DNCE came on and got the crowd screaming along to hits "Cake by the Ocean" and "Toothbrush” while tossing them everything from DNCE “currency” and roses, to beach balls and sex dolls. Travis Scott ended the night at around 2:30 as the partiers roared along to his hit song “Antidote.” 

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