I've straight-up never seen a fashion show with half of the energy that was on display last week at Tootsies for the 16th Annual Players' Wives Association Fashion Show. The SUVs were valeted three deep outside Tootsies, there was a run on Hennessy cocktails, and 37-week-pregnant MC Chita Craft explained her presence by noting that she doesn't miss a good party, with celebs and VIPs like Alyssa Milano, Carol Alt and Hannah McNair in attendance. When it finally came time to let the women loose on the astroturf catwalk, nearly 50 women came out ready to strut. It was a joyous celebration of community and women of different bodies and styles: some had perfected their sophisticated model pout, some smiled and waved at their friends in the front row, and others embraced the Bruno Mars playing and bounced, danced, spun, dabbed, and vamped for the cameras. 


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