Devi Brown is Back To Persuade You of the Power of Crystals

With her new book Crystal Bliss, the former 93.7 personality makes her case for a time-honored path to self-discovery.

By Texas Cook October 24, 2017

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Devi Brown is here to school you on crystals.

If you miss Devi Brown from her days ruling the midday shift at 93.7 The Beat, don't worry—she still has plenty to say. The wife of Texans offensive tackle Duane Brown brings her positive and vibrant energy to parlay an intense interest in crystals into a new book out this month. In Crystal Bliss, Devi guides readers through an easily accessible approach to the world and energy of crystals. She talked with Houstonia about her own journey with crystals, how to use them as a tool for empowerment, and the growing popularity of crystal healing as a whole.

How do people typically react when you share your love of crystals with them?

I always love when people think I’m a little kooky. Some of my girlfriends will be like “Girl, there she goes with her crystals,” but I think people always end up being really interested in them. Like I said in my book, at the very least they’re beautiful, so they make great accents and great jewelry. At first, I’ve had friends who have said, “Oh my God, what is this?” and then the more they see them or the more they feel my energy, they always want to know more. That, to me, is always a little bit funny. Everyone who is initially put off by them always has intrigue about them and will start looking them up in some way, even if they keep it to themselves and they don’t profess it. I think everyone is really drawn to them, especially at this moment in time.

Why do you think that is? Why is there such a push right now to have a conversation about crystals?  

I think this is one of the first times in history that we have all had the ability to be on a journey of self-discovery. Even if it seems very "on trend" because you’ve seen the positive quotes on Instagram or you have seen all of the crystal healing, or all of the meditation, and it seems kind of cool and trendy and yoga and fun, I think what it really is on a deeper level is the question of when has this ever happened in history before? Everybody gets a chance to connect to a deeper part of themselves. Everybody gets a chance to work through things that are holding them back emotionally or mentally. It’s a really exciting and beautiful time because so many of us are vibrating on the same frequency of just wanting more for our lives. For so long people were told that life consists of working, getting money, having a family, and dying. This is the first time that we see how that’s not true.

In the book, you speak to the energy and wisdom of crystals. What have crystals taught you and what do you mean by "wise"?

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I really talk in depth about this. The thing about crystals is that I don't think it's like idol worship. You're not praying to a crystal, and a crystal is not like this Harry Potter sorcery magic, or abracadabra and things are great because you're near this energy. Crystals are an incredible accompaniment to someone who is already looking to do the work in their lives, someone who is already doing many different things to get to the deeper layers of who they are, it has beautiful energy that can help you enhance what you're already doing. I think crystals harness a lot of power that we can't really quantify, and a lot of energy that is so ancient and so beautiful and so sacred that it doesn't really exist in the box of things of how we think. When you are around any kind of energy like that, especially for something that old I think it would be almost impossible for it not to give you its energy, for you not to take on some of that power and kind of have a deeper connectedness to something sacred.

Are you familiar with Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle blog? How do you feel about the controversy surrounding the use of her platform to promote controversial items such as jade yoni eggs?  

Yoni eggs have actually been a big deal for a long time, so I thought it was cool that she was into it too. I’ve known people for years who have used them and different sites that have sold them. I have not done yoni eggs to be quite honest, but I have girlfriends that swear by them. People have been using them for so long throughout the world as a way to connect deeper with your femininity and to rid yourself things that don’t serve you. I’m all about anything that makes someone a better version of who they are.

Ultimately, who are you trying to reach with Crystal Bliss?

I hope this book connects with those who have been interested in it but haven't fully started their crystal journey. There are many different beautiful books that share information about crystals, but what I really strived to do with this book was to demystify all of it. I wanted to make it easier to understand and easier to know how to apply it. The first thing that people say when they get a crystal is, "What do I do with it? How do I make it work?” With this book, I tried to put it in terms of what people I think today are looking to influence in their lives, from career to love to mental health to physical vitality. Being into crystals doesn’t mean giving up your old life and becoming the best yoga guru, you’re going to be a vegan, you’re going to turn off your TV 24/7  and you’re going to live in the mountains—that’s not realistic for everybody. So how can you utilize them and still have the life you know as you know it? I hope that millennials connect with this crystal book and people who have never stepped foot into a crystal store or have never gotten their own crystal to pick this book up and say “Oh that’s how I do it!”

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