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How to See Every Oscar Film (in Theaters) for Ten Bucks

MoviePass allows you to get a leg up and see a movie per day in theaters for a single monthly fee.

By Morgan Kinney November 15, 2017

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For a certain type of person, there is fantasy football. For another, there is Oscar fantasy draft. Both the National Football League and the Academy Awards have incredible emotional stakes, and both are known for their thrilling, unpredictable outcomes (suck it, La La Land!).

But as someone who takes his Oscar game seriously, the weeks preceding the ceremony—slated this year for March 4, 2018—are a mad dash of gathering insight from reviews, illegally streaming films from sketchy corners of the web, and cobbling together various matinee deals to see a select few nominees in theaters. It's an exhausting business. 

This year, I've decided to start early, and, with the help of MoviePass, I'll be able to see many, if not all, in theaters, as was intended. The deal is simple: Pay a flat $9.95 per month, receive a special Mastercard in the mail, and you can see one movie (sans 3D or other bells and whistles) every. single. day. Want to see Blade Runner 2049 30 days in a row? Be their guest. Want to give thanks this November at a screening of Boo 2! A Madea Halloween? Let's go. Essentially, the card pays for itself if you see at least one movie a month.  

Yeah, it seems too good to be true, and apparently AMC Theaters agrees, threatening MoviePass with a lawsuit in August when the monthly fee was slashed from $50 to $10. But their loss is our gain, and just in time for Oscar season. Just order now—there was a significant backlog that delayed my card several weeks.

Next week, I'll probably see Lady Bird, for which I know Laurie Metcalf will finally receive the accolades she deserves. Soon I'll see Call Me By Your Name, that gay love story the internet is abuzz about. I'll certainly catch Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri to see Frances McDormand at her moody best. And I'll probably head to something pulpy like Murder on the Orient Express after a long day at work, just to marvel at Kenneth Branagh's insane mustache.

And if they are all terrible disappointments, who cares? It was only a Hamilton.

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