In the event that you live a sad, Lorde-less life, there is still time to buy tickets: The pop superstar and 21-year-old genius will arrive at the Toyota Center on Monday, March 19.

For almost a year, I've been listening to the New Zealand artist's sophomore album, Melodrama, on repeat almost non-stop, and, days before the big night, it's almost impossible to describe the anticipation I feel. Thankfully, there is music to say what we can't with words. Below, I co-opt Lorde's own lyrics to try to express my feelings.

"I’m Waiting for It– The chance to show off my voice after almost a year of warming up my vocal chords while stuck in I-45 traffic.

1. waiting for it zdetcs

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"It's just another graceless night" – Blasting Melodrama during my Uber ride to the Toyota Center as I hang out of the window and scare my driver.

2. graceless night d7btae

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"Let’s go to perfect places" – Where I’ll be surrounded by others who appreciate this artist, tour, and album as much as I do.

3. lets go to perfect places m3l7ll

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"I am your sweetheart psychopathic crush– In the sixth row and breathing the same air as you, Lorde, my queen...

4. sweetheart psychopathic crush cek3q5

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"Bet You Rue the Day" – You sit next to me at the concert as I try to harmonize with Lorde for every song.

5. bet you rude the day cam1s1

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"All the glamour and the trauma" – Of finally being able to spend the money I’ve been saving up for Lorde tour merchandise since last spring when her FPSF performance was rained out and I was only refunded back half of what I paid for the ticket... (pours tea.)

6. all the glamour and the drama jrn2mz

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"Megaphone to My Chest– While I experience a live performance of "Sober" while being totally not sober.

7. megaphone to my chest  2  dm3s0r

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"Hard Feelings" – I’m not crying. You’re crying.

8. hard feelings i6lxxa

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"Our Rules, Our Dreams, We’re Blind- While immersing myself in the full Melodrama spiritual experience.

9. our rules  our dreams  we re blind  2  lokztb

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"I understand, I'm a liability / Get you wild, make you leave" – Riding home with the onstage magic forever a memory in my heart... 

10. get you wild  make you leave ahzhza

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